Back to School!

Going back to school is going to be a real adventure for teachers, parents and students this year.  The financial burden for these folks is great, but we can make it a little easier by helping gather supplies that are needed by local teachers, schools, and students.  

Obviously, we cannot shop for items like we might in the past.  However, many teachers and schools have assembled wish lists on Amazon.  These are similar to wedding registries, but for school supplies.  

You may notice unusual items on these lists that under normal circumstances you would not consider school supplies.  Teachers and students are making many adjustments to routine which require some creative thinking and some special supplies.

Schools also need money to purchase masks for children who will not have them.


1.  Click directly on the wishlist links below and purchase items on Amazon.  These items will ship directly to the          teacher or school who created the list.  (They will be notified who made the purchase.)

2.  Send or deliver a check to the church office and ask us to make a purchase from the wishlist for you.  We are          happy to help.   


3.  Send or deliver a check to the church office and designate it for the purchase of masks for schoolchildren.     

Links for Shopping:

Click the pink button below to purchase items for Andrea Bender's music classroom at Cynthia Heights Elementary School.


Click the green button below to purchase items for Sheila Bender's classroom at Thompkins Middle School.






Click the orange button below to purchase items for Tammy Jewell's school children at West Terrace Elementary School.




Click the blue button below to purchase items for Noah Farmer's band classes at North High and Junior High Schools





Click the purple button below to purchase items for Caze Elementary School where Amanda Stratman teaches.

Click the yellow button below to purchase items for Jessica Minor's preschool class at Old North Preschool.




Thank you so much!  Our community is a better place because of your support.

We would love to meet you. Please visit any of our services or events. and give us a chance to get acquainted.   If you have questions or would like to discuss any aspect of our congregation or Christian faith, please contact us.

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