Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

April 4 – Apr 12

Welcome to our virtual Easter egg hunt!


Here's how to participate!   Color an egg and post it somewhere it can be seen from a car or someone walking by. This might be your front door, a window, mailbox, or tree.  Please post by April 4.

Once you have hung your egg up, snap a picture and post it in the event on the St. Paul's  UCC German Township Children and Youth Facebook page.   


(If you aren't sure to do that, please participate anyway.  Take a picture and send it to Jessica Minor and she'll post it for you!)


 When folks are out for walks in their neighborhoods or on a drive to get groceries and necessities, they can find all the Easter eggs around town.

Help bring a little bit of Easter joy to our families!

Click HERE to print out an egg template or make your own.

We would love to meet you. Please visit any of our services or events. and give us a chance to get acquainted.   If you have questions or would like to discuss any aspect of our congregation or Christian faith, please contact us.

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