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Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

April 4 – Apr 12

Welcome to our virtual Easter egg hunt!


Here's how to participate!   Color an egg and post it somewhere it can be seen from a car or someone walking by. This might be your front door, a window, mailbox, or tree.  Please post by April 4.

Once you have hung your egg up, snap a picture and post it in the event on the St. Paul's  UCC German Township Children and Youth Facebook page.   


(If you aren't sure to do that, please participate anyway.  Take a picture and send it to Jessica Minor and she'll post it for you!)


 When folks are out for walks in their neighborhoods or on a drive to get groceries and necessities, they can find all the Easter eggs around town.

Help bring a little bit of Easter joy to our families!

Click HERE to print out an egg template or make your own.

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