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Our Church History

St. Paul's United Church of Christ of German Township is listed in history books as Vanderburgh County's oldest and first Evangelical Church.  Its history is a one hundred and seventy five year journey of faith.  This faith journey made by close-knit families holding fast to their cultural heritage was sometimes affected by events in the world about them.  Yet, members of St. Paul's have focused on God as their source of strength while giving of their time, money and work to build their church.

Our story began when the quest for political and religious freedom brought large numbers of immigrants to America.  Among them was a colony of Evangelical Christians from Lippe, Germany, who  settled in Vanderburgh County in about 1836.

In 1840 the Mentzer, Kron, and Becker families donated about three acres of ground to the congregation, on which they built a log building that served as a church and school. 

The German language was used exclusively until 1913 when English was introduced in an evening service.  It wasn’t until 1945 that English replaced German in worship services.  A brick church was built in 1881 and a few years later the first Sunday School was held for children during summer months.  1940 saw an addition on the south side of the building which held new classrooms. 

In 1956, a new sanctuary was dedicated, and in 1960 women were first elected to the Church Council. 

With love, wisdom, joy, and energy, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ German Township continues the legacy of those who established, built, maintained

and continue to nurture our church in numbers and in spirit.

Brick Church Built in 1881
Sanctuary 1940
First Parsonage
George Motz
Came from Germany 1838
Helped Build Church in 1840
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