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God's Beautiful Masterpiece in our Backyard

Beyond this sign you will find over 12 acres of untouched nature with marked and well maintained trails.

On June 8, 1974 a tornado damaged the woods.  Rather than log the fallen trees, the church decided to create a nature preserve.  

On April 11, 1975 the nature preserve and first trail were dedicated, followed by the second trail on April 3, 1977.

Come walk the John Lehmann Memorial Trail or the Sumac Trail and enjoy the peace and joy of God's beautiful world.

Abundant Wildlife
You might see squirrels, raccoon, opossum, deer, rabbits, goldfinch, quail, woodpeckers, mockingbirds, scarlet tanager, song sparrow, Carolina wren, warblers, a variety of insects, lizards, turtles, and sometimes small fish.
A variety of wildflowers bloom through the seasons.  Look for may apples, spring beauties, purple trillium, wild blue phlox, adder's tongue, bluebells, tall bellflower, trout lily, and shooting stars
Winthin the preserve are
34 species of
oak-hickory &
beech-maple forest types
shagbark hickory
A Champion Serviceberry Tree of Indiana
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